Pop Team Epic Game Explodes Onto Mobiles
By Yung Namahage • 5 months ago • 0 comments

Pop Team Epic's anime adaptation from earlier this year was an unprecedented success. Even though the manga it's based on uses only four panels per page, the anime was surprisingly faithful and just as hilarious, earning the series many memes and crossovers with just about every other anime imaginable all over the internet.

Developer Solid Sphere released a mobile game based on the series earlier this week, titled "Takeshobo Quest ~Kyōshū Poputepipikku~". The aim of the game is to collect bamboo-headed employees of Takeshobo, the company that publishes the manga in real life and the nemeses of the offensively cute/cutely offensive duo in the show, in order to defeat Popuko and Pipimi in their various forms once and for all. 

The game seems to be typical gacha fare, meaning Takeshobo units have to be obtained randomly by spinning a wheel, but this is somewhat alleviated by the game offering 10,000 free spins to new players. Of course, the anime's signature bizarre sense of humour is also present, meaning fans of the show should definitely check it out.

The game is out on iOS and Android, but unfortunately it's only being released in Japan as of yet. Although that's no problem to anyone who knows their way around a VPN. Check the video below for some gameplay or visit the show's website to get the game yourself.