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Play Quest Failed Chapter 2 Public Demo
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago • 3 comments


If you were a big fan of the first Quest Failed and been waiting for the sequel then my good friend your wait is still not over, it’s still not out yet. But what is out is a demo of Chapter 2, giving you an idea on what new ideas Frostworks has for Chapter 2.


The things that are presented in the demo are:

 - A good chunk of the game's introduction and main storyline segments, giving a good idea of what life is like in the big city, along with meeting several key characters

- A small glimpse at Chapter Two's more freeform gameplay and the greater range of choices in how you go about places day to day. It should be worth noted that for demo purposes not all choices/areas are available to visit. And as such, you should expect a far greater degree of interactivity from the main alpha builds and subsequent full release!

- A small look into the game's 'Side Quest' system, offering up a couple of fun quests that are contained adventures running alongside the main story. There will be 2 to choose from in the demo, though in the alpha and the full release of course, there will be far more to choose from.

- Three fully voiced h-scenes, along with another scene that isn't necessarily a h-scene but still pretty steamy! I won't divulge too much into what three scenes these may be for those that may wish to go in without spoiling themselves, but I feel they're a good mix!


And here are some screne shots of the game and some of it's lovely ladies!




So if your ready to pop off with this demo, you can downlaod it HERE!


Have you played the first Quest Failed? Who was your favorite girl? Will your favorite girl change with Chapter 2? Tell us in the comments below.