New Doujins 4.1 Changes
By Paul Fidika • 1 year ago • 36 comments

Hey guys, Raikoh here, the creator of I know we dropped the new 4.0 on you without much warning, so from now on we're planning on being more transparent with our development process, explaining the reasons why we make the decisions we do, and where this site is going in the future. I want to build into an A-list brand. Our amazing PHP-wizard Richard has been working hard day and night to build plenty of cool new features for you guys.


Doujins 4.1 Changes

-Individual-image-commenting is back, by popular request, and all old comments from Doujins 3.0 have been re-imported; no comments have been lost. The character-limit for comments has also been expanded to 400 characters.

-The translation-leaderboard previously announced is now live and functioning; check it out! Our first batch of translation-requests from it should be out within two weeks.

-New posts on the front-page are now broken up by day, rather than by week, and you can go as far back in time as you like.

-We introduced a second-tier of premium membership: Foundership status. For $99.95 a month, you can get ANY two doujins or manga you like translated. We limited it to just 5 people, and it sold out within the first day.

-The most common request I've been getting is "put tags for galleries underneath the gallery thumbnails, so I can look for or avoid a specific fetish!" I thought a lot about doing this, but the final answer to this request is: no. It looks ugly, and its inelegant. And honestly, I don't think you guys really want to see reams of text reading "ahegao muscle ntr sweating tomboy..." underneath every gallery anyway. What you really want is to (1) avoid content you dislike, and (2) view content you like. That's why I'm propopsing this:


Doujins 4.2 Changes (proposed)

-White-List and Black-List: make a list of 5 tags you like, and 5 tags you dislike. Galleries with tags you like will be highlighted, and galleries with tags you dislike will be greyed-out, communicating to you what you want to see, and what you want to avoid.

-Poll History: see all previous daily polls and their results.

-Dark-Mode: be able to switch the site from its current friendly light-theme to a more adult dark-theme instead.

-Thumb up or down: Forget about rating galleries on a scale from 1 to 5; this is porn we're talking about here, not artistic movies. Instead, you'll be able to give a gallery a thumbs up if you like it, or a thumbs down if you don't, and galleries will be ranked by their approval-percentage, rather than a rating-average.

-Redesign the blog to make it look more like a professional news site.


 I'm also looking for feedback from YOU guys. Answer any or all of the following questions in the comments below:

-What is currently NOT working for you on this site? What bugs or problems have you encountered?

-What are some changes and new features you'd like to see on the site?

-What direction do you want our blog to go in, as in, what sort of topics should we write about? Do you have any ideas for specific articles we should write?

-Do you have any ideas for a specific daily poll you want us to run? It can be as serious or silly as you want.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you continue to love the site!