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Nekopara Vol. 4 Might be a Christmas Special? And More Details on the Anime
By Yung Namahage • 1 year ago

Undeniably one of the most (in)famous adult visual novel franchises, Nekopara has had various spin-offs including a manga, two OVAs, a prequel volume, console ports without the sexy stuff and an upcoming anime. But what about a fourth volume?

It was originally announced by developer Neko Works about two years ago, just after Vol. 3 was released, but not much has been said about it since then, no doubt due to the developers being preoccupied with the aforementioned spin-offs. Neko fans were beginning to give up hope, until Neko Works announced in a tweet that the next volume will be called ~Neko to Patissier no Noel~. While it's not much to go on, the name implies it could be Christmas-related, meaning there'll be plenty of lewd Holiday festivities involving Kashou, Shigure, Chocola, Vanilla and the rest of the nekos at La Soleil, so a release by the end of the year is well within the realm of possibility. 

In more solid news, Felix Film's anime adaptation announced at the end of last year will be directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto (Hero Bank, Actually, I Am..), written by Go Zappa (Nekopara Extra OVABlend S), scored by Akiyuki Tateyama (Kemono FriendsLaid-Back Camp) and with character designs by Yuichi Hirano (Alderamin on the Sky).

The voice cast will be different from the VNs as well, with Iori Saeki (King Halo in Uma Musume Pretty Derby) as Vanilla, Yuki Yagi (Kanata Shinozaki in My Girlfriend is a Shobitch) as Chocola, Miku Ito (Mariko in Million Doll) as Maple, Shiori Izawa (Nanachi in Made in Abyss) as Asuki, Marin Mizutani (Misaki Aikawa in My Girlfriend is a Shobitch) as Coconut, Yuri Noguchi (Goe Ishakawa in Release the Spyce) as Cinammon, Shinnosuke Tachibana (Nils Yajima in Gundam Build Fighters) as Kashou Minaduki and M.A.O (Eosinophil in Cells at Work!) as Shigure Minaduki. Feel free to check the teaser below.

The first episode of the Nekopara anime will premiere at Anime Expo on July 6. Will you be looking forward to it? What do you think of the different voice cast? Do you think Vol. 4 will be Christmas-themed? Let us know what you think.