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Miku Rides Coach to Coachella 2020
By WakeUpSnooze • 4 months ago • 7 comments

No Miku you're supposed to sign the fan's breasts... you know what, never mind, you'll figure it out when you get here. I had to double check this piece of news when I first heard about it. Sure enough, Hatsune Miku will be making an appearance in Coachella 2020. While I don’t have any personal attachment to the event, I was dumbfounded to learn that one of the most popular music festivals in the world would be hosting a Vocaloid this year. Not so much because it’d be crazy to have a hologram performing. Coachella is no stranger to that concept as the festival already hosted Tupac’s hologram performance back in 2012. So they’re definitely down with weird shit. I’m just surprised that Miku made it at this place in Vocaloid history.

Damn Miku, I kinda forgot you could be hot.

I was under the impression that Vocaloids were growing less popular since around 2013. Back then you couldn’t escape hearing Rolling Girl if you were an anime fan, and man let me tell you that songs still bangs to this very day. However as we grew closer to the end of the decade I saw less and less of a Vocaloid presence here in America, but as always that could just be due to my state/social circle. Regardless, when I heard this news I had to check other news sources to see if Miku had already done a huge concert in America before or not that perhaps went under my radar. While I found several tours and concerts that were done by Miku, none of them appeared to have the scale and influence of Coachella. While searching around though I did realize that Miku appeared on David Letterman’s show, and that shit threw me for a fucking loop.

While I have no plans to attend Coachella, I’ll definitely be interested to watch crowd videos and see how everyone reacts when Miku comes on (projects on?) stage. I don’t know how the non-weebs will react to her inclusion, but then again, everyone will probably be so buzzed and high that it really won’t fucking matter. Overall this is just another slap to my face that proves anime and anime-related content isn’t the niche, weirdo hobby that it used to be. Anime hipsters, please surrender your fedoras at the ticket booth.

When do you think Vocaloids were most popular? Are you an active Vocaloid fan? Will you be going to see Miku live at Coachella? Sing your heart out in the comments below!