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McDonald Jujutsu Kaisen Sauce Collab
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

I’m a man who loves trying new foods, and that even includes sauces. I actually bought myself some Jalapeno Ketchup just a while ago, and it’s now one of my new favs. And now, McDonald’s is dropping a new sauce. They’re going full weeb with this one, with some new Special Grade Garlic Sauce.

The Special Grade Garlic Sauce comes with a lot of different art on them, ranging from Yuuji, and Gojo, all the way to Geto, and Mahito. But even with different art on the packs and colors, they're all the same Special Grade Garlic Flavor.

It would be cool if every character had a different flavor sauce, but I’ll accept this. That’s asking for a little bit too much. I wonder if you could ask for a sauce with a specific character, or is it just random which one you get when you order. A cute little gimmick that I’m eager to try. They already went anime with the WcDonald sauce, now they’re embracing it. If you want to try out this sauce, you’ll be able to start July the 9th.

Are you going to try out the new Special Grade Garlic sauce? Which character do you want on your sauce pack? Do you like trying new sauces? Tell us in the comments.