Marnie is Bringing Goth and Sexy Back in Pokemon Sword and Shield
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 9 comments

Another Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer, another waifu for people to lewd. If you’re into the short and dominant, then Marnie might be the girl for you. She has that dead look in her eyes as if you’re trash to her. With her cute...I mean, scary pigtails, leather jacket, leather boots, and a pack of groupies supporting her, this is a girl who means business.

Another day, another article talking about Pokemon Sword and Shield waifus. They’re still pumping out waifus and I’m still pumping out articles. It’s not looking like they’ll have any losers when it comes to waifu material. I still think Bea is best bae though.

What do you think of Marnie? Are you into goth chicks? Do you think the next trailer will have another hot waifu? Tell us in the comments.