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Lunar Heights a New H Game by the Makers of Quest Failed
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Now if you’ve read some of my articles when it comes to H game, you might already know that I’m an advocate when it comes to adding english voice acting to an H game. Quest Failed was maybe the first H game to feature english female voice acting that I’ve played, and it blew my mind I tell you what. But now, Frostworks are requesting 4 female voice roles for their new title that they are working on called, Lunar Heights. Here is a summary of the game:

Lunar Heights chronicles the various misadventures of a newly hired hotel attendant who finds himself thrust into a supernatural world far beyond his comprehension. Creatures he had once thought to be nothing but myths and make-believe lurk behind every door of the mysterious Lunar Heights hotel, seeking sanctuary from those who would rather they didn't exist. Some are simply...'playful'...and wish for nothing more than to mess with our brave hero--while others are a little more...deadly.

With what was once believed to be a mundane job to keep the lights on turning into something far more dangerous...will he be able to keep his wits about him and appease the rather unusual whims of the hotel guests, or will he fall prey to the creatures of the night, helpless to resist their devious ways?

There isn’t much as of yet on the game, but with great character art and an interesting premise, I’m expect more of that Quest Failed goodness, and something that also offer something different from Quest Failed whether that’s with its story, characters, or kinks!. You can read Frostworks TWEET, for more information.

Are you excited to see another game from Frostworks? What do you think about english voice acting in H games? Would you like to see more english voice acting? Tell us in the comment below.