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Live Action Oni Chichi
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago • 5 comments

Hentai is getting stronger, and I’m happy about that. Companies that produce JAVs have already tapped into the thing that is called live action hentai. You can find live action versions of some of your favorite hentais, doujins, and visual novels. But that hasn't really been touched upon when it comes to the more western side of the hentai community. Until now. Porn cosplayer Hidori Rose, has made a live action inspired scene from the popular hentai Oni Chichi.

Here’s a summary:

Live action hentai, this is a scene directly inspired from the adult anime Oni Chichi. Airi has been kind of a brat bereting her new step father so he needs to put her in her place. He got a secret super potent new aphrodisiac and takes full advantage of it making Airi weak to its effects, The rest remains to be seen in this video with lots of different scenes and more dirty talking/role play than I usually do

The video is called Punished by step dad - Airi Akizuki, and is 18 minutes long. And with the dirty talk that I heard from the video, this actually sounds like a live action hentai. I’m wondering if this does good, will she be making a second part or third part? Only time will tell, but for now, let’s enjoy what we have. I might even rewatch Oni Chichi before watching this.

If you want to watch Punished by step dad - Airi Akizuki, you can purchase it for $16.99 on Manyvids.

Have you watched live action hentai before? Have you heard of Oni Chichi? Are you interested in Punished by step dad - Airi Akizuki? Tell us in the comments.