Let the Ass Free! Devil May Cry 5 Censors Trish's Ass
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 18 comments

The dreaded anime white glare is back, but this time, it’s in a shade of purple. Devil May Cry 5 has finally graced our American hands. But like many titles from Japan, us American consumers just can’t handle all the risque things that the Japanese are okay with showing. This time, it’s the beautiful Trish’s ass that goes too far when it comes to Sony’s policy.

This glaring purple problem seems to only be present in the western Playstation 4 version. This purple glare is not seen in the PC, Xbox One, and Japanese PS4 version.

After watching the video it shows how stupid and unnecessary this change was. It’s very immersion breaking and takes you out of the scene. It’s an ugly, distracting glare that doesn’t need to be there. It’s just a quick shot of a woman’s bare ass. We all have an ass. Now if it was a shot of her bare asshole...then still don’t censor it! We all have an asshole! I sadly only have a Playstation 4, so if I want to play Devil May Cry 5, I’ll be force to buy the inferior version of the game.

Why is Sony pushing these censorships so hard? Is this censor unnecessary? Is the PS4 version the inferior version? Tell us in the comments below.