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LA Comic Con Cosplay Photo Dump: Day 2
By Pr0nShark2 • 5 years ago

LA Comic Con switched into full geard for the second day of the convention and once again I was on the scene to bring all the cosplay freshness to you! Being so close to Halloween, the cosplayers were pulling out all the stops on their costumes and many debuting passion projects that have been in the works for months or even years! Enough prelude, let's get on with the cosplay!

The Halloween aesthetic was fully on display.

A dream come true!

Fallout cosplay meetup.

Luigi with the trademarked mean-mug.

Me: Can I get a photo of you SOLDIERs?

Cloud: I actually washed out of SOLDIER.

Me: Oh yeah, but you did survive!

Zach: And you dated my girl...

Cloud: Oh yeah...

The original Westworld.

That's a wrap on our LACC '18 cosplay coverage, but keep your eyes peeled for more epic coverage of the LACC panels and exclusives this coming week.