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Kunoichi 3: Dark Butterfly. The End of a Sexy Trilogy
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 2 comments

The end of an era has come, the end of the Kunoichi trilogy is here with its third installment, Kunoichi 3: Dark Butterfly. Studio Fow has been in a troubling stop for the past month, with losing one of their biggest source of income Patreon. With the third Kunoichi project ending the trilogy, this also could be the end of Studio Fow.

Kunoichi 3 is a improvement from the first two and it shows. The fight scene in the beginning was very well animated and the models look amazing. And for the people who love themselves some beast on girl action, you get plenty of that with this one. The only thing that really disappointed me about this release was the removal of English subtitles. The Japanese dialogue is no longer subbed this time around, so you’ll just have to guess what the girls are saying during the sex. But hey, if your one of those people who don’t give a fuck about what the girls are saying, then you’ll be fine.

On another not, for people wondering what’s going to happen to Studio Fow after this, they had this to say on their Tumblr page:


We’ve been working on something BIG since March, keep your eyes peeled - there will be announcements coming on Twitter and the Discord very soon! Also be sure to bookmark THIS PAGE , you’ll be needing it soon. ;) 2019 is gonna be fun!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the movie!


It looks like we can expect to see Studio Fow pushing out more content coming 2019!

You can check out Kunoichi 3: Dark Butterfly over at Hentai0.

Do you wish Kunoichi 3 was subbed? What are you hopping to see from Sudio Fow in 2019? Did you enjoy Kunoichi 3 as much as the other 2? Tell us in the comments below.