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Knights Must Know How to Fight, and Fuck
By ImJustThatKinky • 7 months ago

Did you think I was done talking about Steamy Sextet? I always wanted to play a NSFW game that had a selection of girls that I could talk about individuality. Luckily, Steamy Sextet has six different female characters, so it was the perfect game to test these little articles out on. The first girl on the fuck list is the Knight.

Um...okay. That sound like a good deal to me.

The Knight is the first girl you encounter, and before she is cluelessly under your control by Belgerum tried and true hypothesis, she’s harshly reprimanding you. Voiced by Ko Clover, she has a stearn and commanding voice that you’d expect from a knight. And that commanding tone of her’s works perfectly once the sex starts. When you put her under your control, she starts to believe that sex is apart of a knights training. Commanding you to fuck her hard and cum deep inside her. I never thought being told what to do would be so fucking hot, but it was.

Okay, that doesn't sound like the funniest activate, but a knight has to do what a knight has to do.

If you want to experience the Knight's scene for yourself, you can purchase Steamy Sextet from Steam, and Gamejolt.

Have you played Steamy Sextet yet? Is the Knight your favorite? Do you like a girl that’s commanding? Tell us in the comments.