Kimochi Is Helping Make Lewd Games Possible
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 4 comments

Last year in 2017 Nutaku decided to launch a new type of platform in the hentai gaming scene. This innovative expenditure called Kimochi would, by design, offer a crowdfunding service to help lewd games in development to secure those elusive funds. You can think of it like Kickstarter, but specifically focused on sexy anime shit and non-profit. Additionally, a new feature was added to Kimochi later on that helps be freelance workers and hentai game developers find each other. Developers would be able to browse through profiles of willing and able freelancers to debate hiring on their game, thus speeding up the process of recruiting workers. Some time has passed since then, so we’ve decided to check in on some games using the platform.


Some popular games that I’ve heard of actually already used Kimochi last year before the added freelancer sections were released. Alexa’s Wild Night, Karmasutra, Girls on Tanks, TsukiWare, and Battle Girls have all received a hefty sum of funding during their respective campaigns. Remember kids, sex sells.



Enough of the old shit, let’s get to the present. Right now the primetime game to note is Cosmic Shock League. It’s going to be a PvP/PvE  “match 3” battle puzzle game.  This campaign was has already reached $1,425 in funding since November 2017, and it isn’t set to end until March of this year. According to game’s Patreon page, 1Playa writes: “I set out with the goal of creating Japanese quality Hentai, fused with engaging pick-up and play mechanics. My promise to you, is to do my part in putting and end to un-intuitive Japanese menus and cheap crappy western hentai art :) I too hate crappy western hentai art, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Here are some sample images:





The bois better not disappoint because black scar girl is already about to be waifu'd. 




1Playa further explains:

“The game follows the adventures of a late-20th-century Shock League Champion, after being  cryogenically frozen for thousands of years, finds himself reanimated on board an interstellar cruiser (Futurama meets porno Demolition Man!). He is tasked with filling in the blanks for each Cosmic Shock Girl, on the classic female persona she’s built her life and combat style around. Lots of fun and frolics ensue… with our hero using his knowledge of the past to charm the knickers off his charges and defeat his old foes from the past!”

The player faces the opponent's board and attacks by matching tiles and strategically deploying the unique special attacks of their Heroes. The goal is to reduce opponent’s life to 0 before they reduce yours. By matching and creating combos, the players will fill the Cosmic Shock Girls attack meters, which in turn, allows them to activate their powerful abilities.


Damn Officer Caitlyn's here too??


I’ll be keeping an eye on this one to see how it does. But even if you’re not planning to launch any big campaigns tomorrow, it may still be useful to check out the new Kimochi freelancer section called Classifieds. I mean fuck man, somebody needs to edit those typos on My Neighbor is a Yandere.

Are you excited for a brand new year of hentai games? Tell me what I need to look out for this year so I can stay hard with you guys!