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Karma’s a Bitch, But a Foxgirl is Bitchier
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago • 3 comments

And now it’s time to talk about the second girl on the fuck list, the Foxgirl. And I am happy to say that this was the point when I knew that this game was going to give me more than I expected.

Oh yea, I’m about to break this bitch.

The Foxgirl is the second girl you encounter, and where you learn that this isn’t going to be Belgerum’s usual hypnosis scene. The Foxgirl is still seduced by you in some way shape or form, but instead of hypnosis, it’s because of a trap that makes her fall head over heels for you, the more you dick her. Laddinger did a great job bringing out the bratty and snarky voice of the fox girl. The way her high and mighty teasing quickly turns into sweet pleas of pleasure. Beautiful performance, made breaking her all the more worthwhile.

Oh yeah it is. But it won't be after I'm done with you.

If you want to experience the Foxgirl's scene for yourself, you can purchase Steamy Sextet from Steam, and Gamejolt.


Have you played Steamy Sextet yet? Is the Foxgirl your favorite? Do you like breaking snarky girls? Tell us in the comments.