It's the Pointed Ears, Right? Seven Great Elf-Themed Doujins
By Kasaix • 11 months ago • 2 comments


Elves are a popular character type. A mix of mystery and magic, wisdom and power, they are key to old age fantasy stories. From Link to Deedlit, they light up the stories they're in. So of course they appear in a great deal of hentai manga and doujins. Sexy elf girls need lewds to keep things fun.

To honor, and show off these elves, here are just a few of the great elf-themed doujins we have on the site. If we left any of your favorites out, or if you found new favorites, or if you'd just like to profess your undying love of elves, sound off in the comments below.


1. SAOn REVERSE by Kawase Seiki

This is a Sword Art Online doujin.

Suguha/Leafa and Kirito enter a sex-themed VR game, where Leafa is more curvy than normal, and Kirito is an amnesiac shota.


2. The Brown Queen's Otherworld Livelihood by Kobanya Koban

A character from a hentai OVA destined to be raped into oblivion is transported from her cell awaiting said oblivion rape into the room of a guy who was watching said hentai OVA. After an initial shock, she begins to live with him and learn that she's a fictional character. 

A vanilla ending to a hardcore rape OVA, I knew this had to be on the list.


3. Baby-Making Contract With A Harem Of Forest Elves by Mifune SEijirou ★

A guy has lost his mother and is estranged from his father. When he goes for a hike away from it all, he finds a group of sexy elves. The title will fill you in on the rest.

4. I Saved a Loli Elf in Another World and This Happened by Noise

 A guy finds himself in another world and saves a cute elf loli. "This" happened afterward. By "this", I mean sex.

5. Sugar Heroes by MM ★

Trap versions of Breath of the Wild Link and Tri-Force Heroes Link have sex with another guy.

6. Dat Ass by Nuezou

Link and Zelda from Breath of the Wild get together before Calamity Ganon wrecks things. Link took the picture he should have taken in the video game, a keepsake for when he has amnesia.

7. Elf ~Magic of the Moon~ by Mira

Love prevails when rough relations between light and dark elves, and an arranged marriage, threaten to part a light elf princess and her dark elf lover.