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Is Using An Onahole Warmer Worth It?
By WakeUpSnooze • 7 months ago • 5 comments

J-list asked us to take a look at some of their products, and here's our opinion.

When I first started using onaholes, I was overjoyed because it was something different. Something new and fresh that I hadn’t ever tried before in the sex world. I didn’t care about fine-tuning the experience because my blinders were on and I was just there to have a good time. However, the problem with finding something different is that before too long it’ll be normal. Then you have to hunt down something new all over again. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to hunt for too long.

Fuck that basic bitch shit. An onahole? Please. I decided based on the amazing warmth of the shower technique that it was time to upgrade the experience by using a dedicated onahole warmer (trying to use hot water failed miserably). For reference, I used this product in particular, though there are others on j-list for less money. The product I used costs $14.00 and is powered by plugging it into a USB port or charger. So what’s the scoop?

The Good

This shit does not play around. It will get your toy warmed up for sure. I’ve seen many guides that recommend around 5-10 minutes, though in the name of science I’ll admit I went past that. I found it took around 15 minutes to be nice and toasty, but you better believe it did its job. Having that extra sensation feels way better than a regular usage as well. It’s like sauce on chicken nuggets. I’m gonna eat them either fucking way, but throwing on some honey mustard feels like it completes the overall tastebud satisfaction. Additionally, for a piece of equipment that you can reuse over and over again across all onaholes the price isn’t half bad either. It does what is says folks.

No, that's not my hand.

The Bad

The good news is that the bad news is nothing that should be unexpected. I simply didn’t realize it until it was happening. This adds another step to the onahole process. With fapping you simply jerk off, wipe off, and head off into the sunset to do something else. Onaholes already add a bit more maintenance to the process and slapping a warmer in the formula only further serves to expand it. Now ya gotta get the toy, plug in the warmer, wait 15 mins, lube it up, fuck it, clean ya dick, clean ya onahole, dry your onahole, put the lube up, put the onahole up, and put the warmer up. Suddenly masturabation has turned from a five-minute smoke break into a 30-45 minute activity. If you have the time, do the crime my man. Otherwise this may not be for you. The only other note I have is that lube works hard to counteract everything you’ve done with the warmer. Liquid can suck up heat fast and if you’re not careful you can heat it up and lube it up only to find out you’re back at room temperature after ten measly strokes or so. Again, these issues aren’t really the product’s fault, they’re simply facts of life that you’ll have to deal with and may not have considered. 

 I never expected to see you here, Math.

The Ugly

Yo' mama.

The product I used worked fine and dandy, and I expect similar ones will do the same. My concerns with The Bad stem more from using the product at all than any faults with the device itself. Ultimately an onahole warmer adds a new layer of sensation for the masturbation experience at the cost of extra time and effort when masturbating. If you’re prepared to put those resources in, then I definitely think the answer to the title question is “Yes” and you’ll get your money’s worth in no time assuming that you don’t let the lube fuck it up. Otherwise you may find it to be more of a hassle than a helpful item. 

Are you considering trying an onahole warmer? Have a question I didn’t answer? Warm up for fall in the comments below.