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Is Tokyo Ghoul Too Pure for Doujins?
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago


Tokyo Ghoul has grown very popular as of recent with the series first being a manga, which was adapted into an anime, side stories, light novels, and even getting a live action movie. So it’s easy to say that Tokyo Ghoul has made a mark on the anime community as a whole. So, that got me wondering, why isn’t there that many doujins out there of it? Don’t get me wrong, there’s actual a good amount of doujins out there of Tokyo Ghoul. But none out there for us real doujin connoisseurs, only that cuties romantic garbage that barely has any sex in it. Which is weird when Tokyo Ghoul has all the components that a doujin artist look for when making a doujin, like…


A cast of great waifus

If you’re going to make a doujin the first thing you need is a group of characters, male or female, that appeals to you and a group of horny otakus, and Tokyo Ghoul has that. Doujin artists already saw the potential in the male characters, that’s why there’s so much Kaneki and Shuu doujins out there. (Damn lucky girls) So, why don’t the doujin artists see the potential in the female cast? You have Touka, who is totally ready for some rape, mind break, NTR, and blackmail doujins with her tsundere attitude. You have Risa who is always up for some femdom action, she might even peg your little asshole whether you’re into that or not. (she’s sadistic like that) And we have Hinami for all the lolicon lovers. And that’s not even mentioning some of the side girls. But nope, all we get is Kaneki…


Kaneki you better stop wear those tight ass clothes. Wearing tight ass clothes, will make me notice that tight little ass of yours.

A sex gimmick

If you’ve read Dragon Ball doujins, you may know what I mean by sex gimmick. When you can use something from the show or manga to enchant the sex scene, that’s a sex gimmick. The Dragon Ball example would be them turning super saiyan in the middle of sex to make the scene alittle rougher. Tokyo Ghoul sex gimmick would be the Kagunes that comes from their bodies. Most of them look like tentacles anyways, so just used them as such.

Three tentacles for each hole. It's perfect!

But even after so many years past, there hasn’t been any real decent doujins for Tokyo Ghoul. Maybe it’s because the story is just too good and complex that doujin artists don’t want to taint it with there naughty thoughts. I’m just hoping with the announcement of the Tokyo Ghoul: Re anime adaptation, they’ll drop their morals and start drawing hot steamy doujins. You have the THICC Saiko and the dark-skinned Mutsuki. Don’t waste their potential guys!!!

Oh, I also can’t forget about my trap Sasaki.

But don’t worry, are the GOAT's when it comes to picking out what to translate. So if you haven’t read the only great Tokyo Ghoul CG (or doujin) out there, than here you are. It's a great CG featuring our girl Akira. Oh, thank you for picking this sad writer off the streets and giving him a job, now I can shine my horrible writing and your great translation upon all our readers.

Do you want more Tokyo Ghoul doujins? Are you excited for the Tokyo Ghoul: Re anime? Who’s your favorite girl in Re? Let us know in the comments below.