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Is Goblin Slayer Edgy just to be Edgy?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 47 comments

Goblin Slayer has finally aired and after watching the first episode I gotta made me cringe. Now let me clarify, it didn’t make me cringe for the same reason that it made these people that I’m about to show you cringe, but it made me cringe in a good way, the way the show wanted you to feel. While I was cringing at how the show made me experience the same pain that the characters felt as they were being stabbed, killed, and raped, others were cringing at the fact that rape was even present in the show.

Now, was the rape necessary? No, it wasn’t. You can show how violent and cruel the goblins are without the having rape scene. But was it effective at provoking the emotion that the show wanted to provoke? Yes, as you can see from the Twitter comments. Rape hurts, it’s violent, and disgusting, so of course the writer would use it as away to show the goblins cruelty. I’m not sure why people are so angry about it. It’s not like after the rape scene was done, the show plastered on the screen “Rape is cool everybody!” And when it come to Goblin Slayer being edgy, I feel like the word edgy has been misused as of recent. It’s kind of hard to show violence in an anime without being called out for being edgy. In my perspective, something edgy, is something that uses violence to seem cool. Goblin Slayer’s violence was used as a tool to show how menacing something as weak as goblins could be, not to be cool. But even with the show obviously showing that, you can never stop the stupid people from making a problem about it.

Are you waiting Goblin Slayer? Did you hate the rape scene? What do you consider edgy? Tell us in the comments below.