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Interspecies Reviewers Gets Monstrously Sexy PV
By Yung Namahage • 8 months ago

As I've mentioned before, I'm hella into monster girls. This week has been pretty good for me in that respect; first I managed to get a copy of the amazing Monster Girl Encyclopedia (perhaps I'll do an article on it soon?) and then a PV dropped for a series I've had my eye on for some time. Without further ado, here's the first trailer for Interspecies Reviewers

In case you're unaware, this series follows a human named Stank who happens to have my dream job. He and his elf companion Zel go around different brothels and note down the sexual abilities of various monster girls in an effort to find out once and for all which species is the hottest.

Confirmed voice cast includes Junji Majima (Ryunosuke Chiba in Assassination Classroom), Yusuke Kobayashi (Vooren Glantz in The Saga of Tanya the Evil), Miyu Tomita (Riko in Made in Abyss), M.A.O (Enri Emmott in Overlord), Kaede Yuasa (Zandrias in Kaiju Girls), Carin Isobe (Mio Natsume in Just Because!), Momoyo Koyama (Karen Aijo in Revue Starlight), Mari Hino (Chii-Chan in Ago Nashi Gen to Ore Monogatari), Yoko Hikasa (Rias Gremory in High School DxD), Rei Matsuzaki (Kirari Moroboshi in Idolm@ster), Yuka Nukui (Seike in A Certain Scientific Accelerator), Shiori Izawa (Nanachi in Made in Abyss), Makoto Koichi (Mister Bobley in Radiant), Natsumi Takamori (Miku Maekawa in Idolm@ster), and Takako Tanaka (Hina in Hinamatsuri).

Interspecies Reviewers hits TVs in Japan on January 11 before it comes to streaming services on the net. Are you looking forward to it? What's your favorite kind of monster girl? Let us know in the comments!