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I Got to Have One! The Dead Meme Toy Line
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Why is this a thing, and why must I have it. I never cared about Funko Pops. They never interest me. So I was surprised when I saw Youtooz Dead Meme Figure and was instantly hooked.

The first Meme to be shown off is Ugandan Knuckles. I’m a big fan of Sonic, and a big fan of this meme, so this is like the perfect gift for me. Ugandan Knuckles was one of those dumb memes that I loved a little too much, to his funny accent, the words coming out of his mouth, and just his general look was all funny to me. But even though I’m in love with this one, I’m not sure what other dead memes they can do that would catch my interest.

I still haven't deleted this stupid Ugandan Knuckles picture

If you want to purchase this item, you can head over to Youtooz website.

Are you going to purchase this Ugandan Knuckles figure? What dead meme would you like to see? Did you like the Ugandan Knuckle meme? Tell us in the comments below.