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I Actually Enjoyed Stellar Blade
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

I bought Stellar Blade, and I’ve beat Stellar Blade, and what I can say about it is…it’s a pretty good game.

Funny enough, I didn’t know Stellar Blade was created by the same people who are responsible for Goddess of Victory: Nikke, an enjoyable game in its own right. Stellar Blade even had a few shooting segments in the game, which makes me kind of want a 3D Nikke game.

But overall, my final impression of the game is that it’s good. I know a lot of people saw it as a sexy game that had a girl with a fat ass in it. And I will admit, Eve does have a fat ass. But funny enough, I don’t feel like they put too much focus on it. Yeah, there are some shots that give you a closer look at her ASSets, but it never distracts from the overall game.

But I did like looking at the ASSets.

Also, I didn’t believe people when they said that the story gets good at the 80% mark. The story starts off really boring and bland, with blander characters, like Adam, which didn’t help at all. But surprisingly, at the 80% mark, I got invested in what was going on, and even started to really like the overall story.

Your lame ass got better at the end.

I don’t think this game will be getting the game of the year award, hell, I don’t think this game should even get nominated, but I will say that I enjoyed the combat. So at this point, I do think it deserves the action game of the year.

Stellar Blade 3D porn has been popping up here and there, but using made shift models. Since Stellar Blade isn’t on PC yet, people haven’t been able to rip the model. But at least people are trying, and I’m enjoying what they can do with what they have.

Have you played Stellar Blade? Do you think Stellar Blade will win any awards at the Game of the Year Awards 2024? Do you enjoy Stellar Blade porn? Tell us in the comments.