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Hyper Universe Censors Self, then Ends Self
By Kasaix • 1 year ago

Striving to be on the stupid side of history, Korean 2.5D MOBA Hyper Universe will be shutting down its Korean servers. Nexon, the publisher of this little gem, censored the US version before it hit steam, scaling back bust sizes, hiding cleavage, and reducing jiggle physics. Nexon was so hard-on for eliminating hard-ons, they made the original Korean version match the censored US version. After that, they shuttered the Korean version. Coincidence? Consider that possibility while checking out a video detailing what that looked like before Nexon lost its mind.

Now, to be fair to Nexon, it wasn't just this bone-headed move that killed them, there were other technical issues, like long match-making queues. No word yet on what might happen to the US version, if anyone actually cares about it. 

What do you make of this unwarranted censorship that shuttered some servers? Sound off in the comments below!