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Futaba Sakura Enter the Persona
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago • 9 comments

Lana Rain is living up to her title as The Living Anime, with one of her latest videos Futaba Sakura: Enter the Persona. With over an hour and 40 minutes of content, this is most likely one of her biggest projects yet, and it did not disappoint.

Unlike a lot of other cosplay porn vids I see out there, Lana actually used Futaba character to build the porn around. It’s not just Lana dressing up as Futaba, it’s her actually feeling and acting like what the character might behave like given the situation. She also went the extra step and voiced every dialogue scene, unlike her previous Ann and Makoto video.

LIke Lana’s other Persona inspired porn videos, you have choices you can choose from, which leads to different routes depending on the choice you picked. There are 3 main scenarios and 28 ending. The video revolves around exhibitionism, but the main scenarios you’ll find yourself in based on this kink are in public, live cam, and school. The school scene was my favorite.

Lana has now done Ann, Makoto, and Futaba. The only girl left is Haru now, and I can’t wait to see what she does with her. You can purchase this video for $49.99 over on ManyVids.

Did you watch Lana Rain’s Futaba Sakura: Enter the Persona? Have you seen any other of Lana Rain’s Persona porn videos? Do you also want her to do Haru? Tell us in the comments.