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Fire Emblem New Fourth House Has Three New Waifus
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago

Byleth being revealed in Smash Bros wasn’t the only big Fire Emblem news to drop that day. The Byleth Smash reveal also came with the announcement of wave 4 of DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This DLC pack reveals a whole new fourth house, the Ashen Wolves. Within the Ashen Wolves squad, you’ll be introduced to three new characters. You have Yuri, Hapi, and Constance...Oh wait, by bad, there’s actually four new characters. I forgot to mention Balthus, since this was an article about waifus, not husbandos. But, he is a real catch if you’re a girl or gay.

But we know how Fire Emblem is, no gay route for you.


From first glance, Constance is definitely going to be the girl for the guys who like those stuck up bitchy characters. From her face, her body language, Constance radiate that mad bitch energy. Which, I have no problem with. The bitcher they are, the more fun it is to see them break.


Now Hapi might be my girl. Tan skin, depressing attitude, disheveled red hair, this girl is just calling to me. She’s totally a character I want to know more about. Out of the Ashen Wolves, I can see her having the most tragic of back story. The depressing looking girls usually do. And that’s...kinda hot…?


And last but not least, the leader of the Ashen Wolves herself, Yuri. Yuri is top tier if you’re looking for that tomboy aesthetic. Short but still long hair. A mix of femmine and boy design. Sharp ass makeup that strike fear in men's heart. Yuri is a real contender for Ashen Wolves best waifu...wait... you’re telling me that Yuri’s a guy!


With these new hotness being revealed, I’m wondering who’s going to be the fourth front when it comes to lewds. I’m going to have to say Constance seems like the most obvious when comes to design and personality. I was going to say Yuri until I found out he was a guy, but hell, that never stopped people before. 

Who wouldn’t want to lewd this beautiful man. I can smell the trap content already.

Who do you think is best waifu out of the Ashen Wolves? Who will have the most lewd content? Did you know Yuri was a guy? Tell us in the comments.