Update: Fans Buy Chinese Indie Visual Novel to Cheer Up Unlucky Dev
By Kasaix • 2 months ago • 4 comments

Update at the bottom of the article 

You'd be forgiven if you had no idea what Tiny Snow is. It's a visual novel made by an indie group from China. It's up on Steam right now, link HERE. Before we dive into the topic, let's go over the synopsis, as it was explained by a fan:

In the future, advancements in genetic modification and drugs has made it possible to make someone only capable of loving one other person, and that person alone. The story takes place in a hut on a snowy hill, where the protagonist lives with the girl he loves, who also unconditionally loves him back. Because of the modifications, these two can only love one another, and can never leave one another. No matter how the protagonist hurts the girl, she can never leave him.

The visual novel explores issues of free will. Is there freedom in being able to do whatever to your partner and not have to worry about consequences? Or are they in a prison of love? How much of their souls remain in the body that cannot choose who to love?

With that bit of context, here goes: in a reddit post seen HERE, it was shown that a fan of the game pointed out to the developer and explained that she was "not convinced" by the romantic plot. The developer replied, giving an honest explanation for what he perceives as his own shortcomings. 

Gamers who either knew that feeling all too well or just sympathized with him in general rallied around this guy and bought his game, even if they couldn't actually read it. It's in Chinese, and as of right now, there's no translation. It's cheap anyway, about $4 for the game itself or a bundle with the game and soundtrack. 

The dev sent out a message to his new fans, assuring everyone he is doing fine. Check that out HERE.

Thank you for your encouragement.
Actually, I am not so miserable.
My experience has been exaggerated because of translation problems.
I would rather the players love the game than sympathize with me. ( ̄▽ ̄") 
My English is poor, but I will try to understand your comments.

It's nice when gamers rally around a cause as simple as making a guy unlucky in love happy. Yeah, we donate to huge charities like Doctors Without Borders when GDQ runs huge speedrunning events, but it's the little things that count as well. Wholesome gaming.

Update: A dev posted an article HERE, once again thanking people who bought Tiny Snow and offering a gift. Those who bought that game will get a free game titled Season of 12 Colors, which is another romance title. There was also mention of an english translation for Tiny Snow, and encouraged people to give the game a like and follow.