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Fall Anime Status Report 2019
By WakeUpSnooze • 8 months ago

The other day I was sitting around thinking, and I had a revelation. I really don’t seek out other people’s opinions until the midpoint in an anime season. At the beginning of the season, an anime can have a bad start and cause people to give it a negative review before the story gets going. Or some reviewers might hype it up because “the manga was good”, yet as we all know a studio’s laziness or misdirection can easily ruin the source material. I really enjoyed the Boogiepop light novel, but the anime was complete trash that left out too much key information. On the other hand when I’m at episode 10 out of a 12 episode season, you think I’m dropping it now? At two episodes to go I’m probably going to finish it and even if I do drop it, I’ll do it because I said so and not because some reviewer changed my mind so late in the game. But right at the middle of the season when I’m struggling to see what’s staying and what’s dropping...that’s when I want to know what people are thinking. So here we go.

Dr. Stone - Status: I’m here till the end.

I’m not going to even devote much time to this. If you aren’t watching Dr. Stone, you best stop whatever bullshit you had planned tonight and watch yourself some greatness. This show has a little bit of everything: comedy, action, sadness, edutainment, a killer soundtrack, a unique artstyle, and more. Everytime this anime drops a new episode, I’m ten billion percent sure it’s gonna be a wild ride.

No Guns Life - Status: Shoot your gun.

One of the better shows that’s airing this season exclusively. At first I thought this was about to be the trashiest anime of all time. I mean, look at that man. He has a gunhead. And yet the first half of the season has done a good job of exploring futuristic human enhancements with machinery and technology. Themes of self-ownership and free will are quickly brought into the forefront of the viewer’s attention, while down-to-earth people like the main character keep the show from feeling too preachy. Now all they have to do is not fuck it up and make it too anime in the second half.

Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy - Status: Fuck these boys.

Full disclosure, it may not be the show’s own fault. Last season a comedy aired that I really enjoyed called Wasteful Days of High School Girls. This show has a lot of the same gags and goofs as the prior, but they are executed in a much more predictable and boring manner. Again, it could just be that I’ve already seen the style of jokes too recently and can’t be bothered, but fuck this anime. It’s dropped and I’m not looking back.

Are You Really The Only One Who Likes Me? - Status: I’m not sure if I like you to be honest.

This show had the strongest start out of the season for me. I’ve always wanted a high school focused Death Note, where some kid wants to be the king of the school both socially and academically, and they’ll do whatever is necessary to achieve that. I thought I had arrived when it’s revealed early on that the MC is much more of a piece of shit than he portrays himself to be. However, some of the more recent episodes have SLAPPED me in the face with anime. I’m talking that ANIME anime. A guy starts laughing like an edgelord type of anime. A guy is handed a perfectly good relationship and doesn’t want it type of anime. I’m still here for the ride because the comedy is top notch and I want to see where this goes, but it’s not quite what I was hoping for. The recent episodes have dived into the Rom-Com aspects of the show, so if you were mislead by the early episode's focus on mind games you may want to drop it.

Beastars - Status: I’m not a furry, but this is some good shit.

Judging based on people’s looks. Defying your natural instincts. Showing a society dominated by classes. Oh hell yes baby, we’re on some big brain stuff with this one. The show is entirely CG so if you can’t stand that style you may have to leave Beastars alone. However, I do note that it’s the best CG I’ve seen in a long time. The directing and shading on the models can make for some fantastic looking moments. And everyone’s movements aren’t so choppy you want to kill yourself. I’m absolutely excited to see how the main character, Legosi, continues to explore himself and distinguish between what nature says he is, what others say he is, and what he will say he is.

Talking about every anime I’m watching this season would make this article way too long, so let’s chat. What anime have you picked up this season? Which ones are your favorite, and which are you thinking about dropping? Share your report in the comments below!