Doom: Annihilation Trailer Sent to Hell
By Kasaix • 2 months ago • 9 comments

So, there's a studio taking another crack at a Doom movie. The previous one unleashed upon an unsuspecting world in 2005 did not do so well. It had The Rock and Karl Urban in it, great actors, and did not do so well. Well, the trailer for Doom: Annihilation dropped, and commentors are saying that it makes the first Doom movie look great by comparison. Can it really be that bad? Let's take a look.

Yes it can. It can be that bad. The trailer name seems apt: "We Call It Hell." Yes, and for all the wrong reasons. Let's give context, Hell is fun for Doomguy and fans of the Doom series. It's where all the demons are. We go on killing sprees there. But this trailer is the bad Hell, where it's just torture and stupidity. Now let's unpack what this trailer is, and what a Doom movie should be.

30 seconds, a short first impression, told us all we need to know. It's all about this woman asserting her dominance in the field, and not against demons. Well, I guess the demons of chauvinism and misogyny? Oh god that's what it is isn't it. Not actual Hell demons though. I guess they're trying to be "inclusive". The only politics in a Doom series should be which gun to use to kill some things. My vote is for whatever slices a fool down the prime meridian. Cast your vote below!

What a Doom movie should be: Doomguy fighting demons. That's it. Doomguy in some demon-infested hell hole tearing demons apart. 2 hours of that. Yeah, throw in some engaging story, unravel some plot, but send in Doomguy who tear some demons a new one. 

This got so bad, the devs behind the Doom game series had to distance themselves from it, sending out a reply on twitter. They're not stupid, they saw this coming a mile away. 

Another interesting tweet from the lead actress, seen HERE. Says plenty about their stance on the source material.

The only good to come from this are all the comments below the trailer and replies to the official Doom tweet. Quality roasts as far as the eye can see. Worst drinking game ever: take a shot for every positive comment praising the film you find. You'll be as sober as a priest on sunday.