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Does Break: The Rematch Have Bad Character Designs?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Push! Publication, makers of light novels such as Noble Love and Space Commander Eliza are now stepping into the realms of visual novels, and their first one is called Break: The RematchSince we’ve already talked about the game here on the site, I wanted to talk about something I saw people complaining about, and that was the games character designs.

When making a visual novel, the main thing you need to focus on is the characters and story. But when it comes to making an H Visual Novel, you usual say fuck the story and focus on the characters. So if you don’t have hot girls for your players to enjoy, well then you’re pretty much fucked. When it come to Break: The Rematch, one thing I saw people complaining about was that the character designs are weak and generic (someone said that some of the girls look like the girls from High School DxD) and that the necks are too short and shoulder too wide Being generic isn’t bad persa, since having a character that is generic means that she might appeal to a wider selection of people. Making a character weird and different looking could have the opposite effect. The more weird she looks, it’s more likely that she’ll only attract a certain group of people.

Froppy from Boku no Hero is an example of a character who is weird in design but became a fan favorite because of it.

And when it comes to the short necks and wide shoulder complaints, I really don’t have a problem with it. Hell, I’ve jerked off to worst doujin art if I’m being honest, so the character art/proportions are fine for me.

Holy shit! They do look like some of the girls from High School DxD!?

Do you think Break: The Rematch girls are generic? Is it better and safe to have generic character design? Is Froppy best girl? Tell us in the comments below.