Devil Rhythm Delivers Sexy Gothic Action
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 3 comments


 An interesting eroge has come to light, and we at Doujins felt we should share our findings. Devil Rhythm -Silver Phantom-, an eroge from AlexProject, is a side-scrolling  hack and slash with certain Castlevania vibes that will keep you pulled in. It provides interesting mechanics, armor-destruction and weapon pickups, as well as a optional hentai scenes if the main character gets hit.






The story opens up with a demon lord named Mia Aris as she returns home, and finds it occupied with monsters who would rather ravish her than fight her. Since she's a lord and the owner of the castle, it's up to her to clear them out. It's a simple story, but it sets the stage for an interesting game.






The gameplay is where this game shines. In the same vein as Orga Fighter and Divine Arms, if Mia Aris gets hit, there's a chance the enemy will pull her into some unwanted sex. If she, and the player, wants to avoid that, then she'll have to be a strong combatant as Mia Aris makes her way through the levels. She has a trick up her sleeve: a demon form that doles out greater damage than normal. Grunts block Mia Aris' way to the mid-bosses of each stage, of course, and none of these enemies can be underestimated. 





Devil Rhythm is currently up for purchase on DLSite, with a free demo available. Will you help Mia Aris retake her home, or throw her to the monsters? Tell us in the comments below.