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Demon Slayer Announces... 3 Movies???
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 week ago

Demon Slayer has ended airing this season with a meaty finale episode, and like many seasonal anime has already informed the public about future plans to continue adapting the series. And I have to say... I'm a bit conflicted on the upcoming distribution plan for the Infinity Castle Arc. Apparently it will be released as a movie trilogy. That's right. Not one, not two, but three full films will cover this arc and come to theaters. 

The anime movie train is at full speed with every shounen seemingly jumping on the bandwagon and trying to put out a film. Demon Slayer helped to popularize the trend a lot with Mugen Train... but fellas isn't this a bit too much in the same direction? I enjoy occasionally heading to the theater with a friend to watch an anime movie. Three times in a row just to view a single arc? That's a bit much. I'm hoping there's a plan in place to release the movies in an episodic format afterwards as was done with Mugen Train. However, for those of us with jobs that require frequent monitoring of trends on the Internet, it may be difficult to avoid spoilers in that case. Especially if we're talking about three damn movies worth of waiting around for episodic versions to debut. This shit seems like it's gonna be a much more expensive and time consuming way of adapting this arc for the regular Joe anime watcher. Given the spectacle-oriented direction of Demon Slayer though, perhaps this will be received well by the fandom.

I need to buy HOW many tickets?

One thing is for sure, if any of those movies are half as boring as the Hashira Training Arc, I'll be asking Crunchyroll (who will be bringing this to theaters in the West) for a damn refund. Are you still watching Demon Slayer? Do you think this is too many movies for a series that's classified as a regular seasonal anime? Does Demon Slayer's focus on grand animation and bombastic action warrant the high amount of theatrical releases? Drop your sword, push a boulder, and practice popcorn breathing in the comments below!