Update: Dealing with Trolls on Doujins
By Kasaix • 5 months ago • 27 comments

Update at the end of the article

So, we recently saw a deluge of spam comments in blog articles. All the blog articles. Dating back to the start of the blog. That's serious dedication to nonsense. Here's a screen shot. You may have seen it before, though I hope you never visited that site. Please do not visit this site, it is likely meant to trick users.

i kid you not, this troll hit every article on the site. It took them roughly 2 - 3 hours. MakaTakyn's account was made just yesterday, and it was for this purpose, to lead legitimate users to some site that would likely royally damage them. Our support team sent out a sternly-worded email asking them to stop or risk a ban. We on the blog side decided to help things out and delete the comments, while also giving MakaTakyn a fair chance to knock it off and just enjoy the site.

Well, the troll didn't stop. The comments went on and reached the beginning of our illustrious archive of finely-worded articles. They were given a chance, the support team gave them more than enough time to knock it off. They didn't. So, the hammer was lifted and brought down.

Here's what's left of the MakaTakyn's comments:

Three hours of work gone in a couple of seconds. It's our goal to make sure such things are dealt with as quickly as possible so our fans can enjoy the site as they wish. If there's a serious issue like this, please do not hesitate to contact the support team and let them know. Include a link to where the incident is found so they can look into it. Provide as much information as possible. Please bear in mind, simple disagreements aren't at issue. Serious threats or just straight-up spam and trolling should be reported. 


Further spamming attempts are being made here at Doujins. They think they're clever by using Anon, not logging in at all, to circumvent our protections. However, they are seriously wrong. Using a spam bot here will do them no good. 

These are being deleted as quickly as they appear, and you have likely not even seen them. This is thanks to the hardworking people at Doujins who strive to make this site as safe and fun as possible. A big thanks goes out to our dev team for working hard to keep our site safe.