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Cygames Unveils Zombieland Saga
By Pr0nShark2 • 1 year ago • 1 comments

This Autumn, from the creators of Yuri on Ice and Granblue Fantasy, a new anime series, Zombieland Saga will feature a brand-new, anime vision on the zombie apocalypse. Cygames, in association with MAPPA and Avex Pictures are coming together to assemble a team of the industry’s top talent. 

The series is slated to debut in Autumn of this year, and already has creators predicting that it will be the “sleeper hit” anime of the fall season. Here’s the teaser trailer that Cygames debuted at their booth here at Anime Expo 2018. They’re not revealing too much about the series other than its title and obviously the premise, but from the early buzz that it’s creating with fans around here, expectations seem to be very high.

Take a bite out of Zombieland Saga this fall, otherwise, it may bite you first.