ChuChu Succubus Rem
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 4 comments

I was going to cover this game anyway, since it looks really nice, but then I saw that Lana Rain, an actual porn star, did a review of the game. That's when I knew I really had to cover it.

ChuChu Succubus Rem is a hentai RPG game. You can find it on its home Eroges HERE, or on Steam HERE. It's up for cheap, too. If you're fapping on a budget, this is right up your alley. There's a depth of choice here, as you can be sadistic, masochistic, or both. Here's the story according to the devs:

"You have just been born in a new kingdom and your older sister welcomes you in a strange way. She tells you that you are a succubus! Embark on a fantastic adventure where you will have to survive among humans using all your charms to steal their vital energy and their seed. Choose to be Sadistic, Masochistic or even a bit of both, To drive your destiny as a succubus and to defeat your enemies with your singular kind of charm. Will you be able to survive and to find your place in this new world?"

"Rem is a young succubus, just born. She's kind of picky when it comes to food, she would only suck the life off of those young, vibrant men. She learned her way of life from her ancestors, and since on a crusade against all living things in the end. So, will she end up the most fearsome devil?"

Personally, I like when games give you choice. (Except AC, that game series was never made with choice in mind. You're literally meant to relive history as it happened!) But I digress. S or M, good or evil, it's up to the player. Overall, it's a fun game, and definitely worth a look.

Now, let's talk Lana Rain. She recently tweeted out that Eroges asked her to review their game. That tweet can be seen HERE

The video she linked can be seen HERE. I'm not about to say she's a great videogame reviewer. However, I will say that it's interesting for a porn star to review a hentai game, and she does a good job of explaining the game. Apparently she's also a videogame streamer, seen in a video HERE, where she played LoL with a toy equipped.

Yep, 2D hentai and live porn in one article. What more can you ask for?