Chinese Shop Gets Fine for Organizing Naked Marathon
By Kasaix • 5 months ago • 1 comments

Trying to get likes on social media is nothing new. How many of you saw "if I get 1,000 likes, I'll do this" over and over again? Well, a shopping center in China’s Hainan province tried to do something like that. 

If you read Chinese, look at THIS. If not, here's what that ill-conceived banner reads: 

“If our WeChat’s readers reach 880 thousand people, 10 of our female employees will run naked! (streaking) We will recruit females to run nude for 10 minutes. We will pay 10,000 yuan (roughly $1,400 USD) for their participation.”

This event was meant to celebrate their 12th anniversary and try to get those likes. However, reality set in rather quickly. The photo spread across social media, and got serious attention from serious people. The authorities, Haikou Women’s Organization, and the Longhua Industrial and Commercial Institute stepped in said set them straight, levying a 900 yuan, or $130 USD fine, and got the banner taken down. 

The shopping center sent an apology letter, and quickly laid blame on the event planner, saying they had no idea what the planner was planning, and they punished him for his lack of careful planning. The event planner himself said the women would not be fully nude, saying they would be wearing panties. I mean, that's a bit better? Not a whole lot though. 

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