Buchou Chinke Draws More Muscles Than Ass
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I always wanted a strong, smart, and independent woman. Someone who knows what she wants and can think for herself. Someone who’s loyal and won’t let any man boss her around. A girl with a strong mind, are at least, that what I thought I wanted? My girl can’t just have a strong mind, oh no no no. She has to be strong mind and BODY. You know what, fuck the smart and independent part, and just make her strong. A girl that can give me that good snu-snu in bed. And the person who made me feel that way is the artist Buchou Chinke.


Buchou Chinke is a member of the doujin circle SHD, which mainly focus on doujins based on fighting game series, such as, King of Fighters, Wrestle Angels, Arcana Hearts, and .Sokkou Seitokai. (Where’s Dragon Ball FighterZ. I’ll love to see some muscles on Android 21.) Chinke and his circle are fans of the Neo Geo, a family console created by SNK, a company who focus mostly on fighting games. They also do doujins that aren’t based on fighting games like Fate and Senran Kagura. The kinks this circle enjoys drawing goes as follows, smell, armpits, boobs, and MUSCLES! And if you want to know a little bit more about the man who this article is about, Buchou Chinke, well he states that he’s basically a redneck since he was born in Utsunomiya and he enjoys 2D fighting games.

Showing how much of a fighting game nerd Chinke is, he even made a OC for the fighting game, Border Break. Her name is Bunko.

Now like I said, the kinks Buchou Chinke likes to focus on are smell, armpits, and boobs. But all of those are baby sauce when it comes to his main fetish, and that’s MUSCLE! And I’m not talking about those fake kinda muscles where you’re just a little toned but nothing crazy. No, these girls are stacked, and I love it. I never thought I would be into extremely muscular women but Chinke has converted me and gave me a new fetish. The thing is, even thought the ladies are muscular and most likely could throw you across who knows where, they are still very sweet. In most of Chinke doujins the girls play the submissive roles which you would think would be the reverse. With muscles like those you would think he would focus on femdom but nope, the man is usually the dominant one and I like it.

We need more Baiken, she's a strong fighting game waifu who doesn't that shit from no one. She has muscles and most likely smells of sweat, so Chinke should have a field day with her.


Now before i recommend my top 3 I have to make an honorable mention, since I’m too much of an indecisive girl (don’t start getting a hard on. I’m not actually a girl) to only pick 3.

This had the potential to be on my list but it ended off on a cliffhanger, teasing to the fact that the girl that I found most attractive in appearance and personality was going to get some action in a sequel doujin. And after 7 years of waiting, still no sequel. So it doesn’t deserve to be on my top. But, that being said, it’s still a great read even if my emo haired waifu didn’t get any action the other three girls are great. But seriously, why have her on the front cover if she’s not going to get any action!


Now on to the real top 3!


Now I’ve just recently done an article about why I love anal (It’s highly informative about why I love anal, maybe you should check it out) so with this doujin being all about a girl descent into the world of anal pleasure, it had me hooked at “Looks like it’s necessary to give this anus of yours some discipline.”

If there’s any term out there for a girl who plays the dominant role but still is a sub to the cock, then Kuon, The Fourth Great Kage would be that. She’s such a strong woman who can’t help but fall before the smell and the taste of a delicious cock. (Her words not mines O.O) With the era of sex and finance beginning a red light district was created. With your selection of beautiful, strong, and muscular girls to choose from, it's a fantasy that could only be made possible in the world of doujins.

No girl is safe from Buchou Chinke adding muscles to their bodies, not even the busty girls from Senran Kagura. Our sexy dark-skinned ninja Homura has captured some random guy and challenges him to do whatever ninja technique he can throw at her for one minute. He accepts, and uses the secret technique, “The Art of Pussy Licking”. His technique was strong and caught Homura off guard, making her fall to her knees in a soaking mess. With these turn of events she challenges him to multiple sexual challenges until it becomes more than just simple challenges. Man, I love breaking a girl, especially when there as strong willed as Homura. That might sound fucked up, but hell, I’m fucked up.

Man I need your guys help again. My boy Buchou Chinke has a doujin sitting in the REQUEST section and need your vote. So can we do it? Can we get Haijo Sokkouchou more votes? YES WE CAN!








What do you think about Buchou Chinke work? Do you like girls with muscle? Could you lick a girl’s armpit? Tell use in the comments below.