Bow Boo a Bowsette and Booette Visual Novel
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago • 4 comments

Bow Boo? More like, Fuck You! Don't act like you guys didn't expect a Bowsette and Booette visual novel to be made eventually. And let’s be honest, this visual novel was most likely funded by Oddest, since he love these two characters so fucking much.

This project was created by mrodx, a generalist 3D and 2D artist from South America who’s creating adult games, renderings and characters. Their objective is to create high quality content with original art, fun stories and exciting situations. Let’s see do they delivery this with their first product, here’s a summary of the visual novel:

This is the start of our quest with Bowsette and Boosette as we follow their adventures to find out why they were transformed into hot horny girls. Who sent them the crowns? And why?

They're thirsty for... information, and you can follow along and take advantag... err, control of the situation!

The project is just starting, so don’t expect much, but it’ll be cool to see where this Bowsette and Booette story will go. You can support the creator and download the game HERE!

Did you want a Bowsette and Boosette visual novel? DId Oddest help with the creation of this project? How is this meme still alive? Tell us in the comments below.