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Bernie Would Do Anything to Keep Her Secret
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 13 comments

The Black Eagles girls are some of my favorites in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (but that could just be because Black Eagles is the only route that I’ve done). And Ylae has finally dropped an animation of my favorite female Black Eagles member, Bernie.

Bernie is a mess of a girl, someone who worries too much about everything and anything. I always love it when porn animations don’t just use the character, but embody the character, and this animation delivers in that. The animation looks like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, while Bernie in this animation acts and sounds like the Bernie from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You can thank up and coming NSFW VA LewdHeart. You’ll be hearing more of her in some of our audio doujins soon :O.

Yep, that;s our Bernie!

This animation gives you everything. You get a blowjob scene, a vanginal scene, and a anal scene. All of Bernie’s holes are getting filled in this animation. And after the animation, Seteth is giving the viewer a little hint on who the next animation will be on. Any guesses? 

If you want to watch the animation, you can check it out on Hentai0.

Are you happy that Bernie got an animation? Who do you think will be next? Are you loving Ylae’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses animation? Tell us in the comments.