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Audio Doujins: Spending Valentine's Day With Mommy
By ImJustThatKinky • 4 months ago

Well, it’s Valentine Day, so that means a special Valentine Day audio doujin! Natsumi and Ban are back to spread some love. I really love these characters that NDC created, so I’m happy to be coming back to them. We have both Dorn and Kinky reprising their roles as Natsumi and Ban, while Snooze provides the coworker’s voice.

Natsumi x Ban - Valentine's Day

Doujin by NDC

Natsumi voiced by Dorn

Ban voiced by ImJustThatKinky

Coworker voiced by WakeUpSnooze

Do you love Natsumi and Ban? Would you want Nasumi as a mom? How was your Valentine's day? Tell us in the comments.