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Audio Doujins: Having Fun With Mommy and Auntie
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago

When I first saw NDC’s characters Natsumi and Ban, I instantly fell in love with their dynamic. So I’m happy to say that we’ll be dubbing NDC’s hot and funny, Natsumi doujins. The power duo is back, maybe separate, but back nonetheless. Enjoy Dorn as she voices the cheerful, goofy, and also very horny mother Natsumi. And mommy isn’t the only one looking for fun. Hear Jem as she voices the very strong, demanding, and also very horny aunt Izumi. And I’m Kinky, here to voice the very gruff, serious, and also...very horny Ban. Also and special thanks to Jem for adding her little kinky flair to the Izumi doujin. Read right t left.

Doujin by NDC

Natsumi voiced by Dorn

Izumi voiced by Lady Jem

Ban voiced by ImJustThatKinky

Are you excited for more Natsumi audio doujins? What did you think of Dorn’s Natsumi performance? What did you think of Jem’s Izumi performance? Tell us in the comments.