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Audio Doujins: Crazy for More Boku No Hero Audio Doujins?
By ImJustThatKinky • 9 months ago

It would be villainous of me if I didn’t do more Boku no Hero audio doujins, so here you go. Mintea is really showing off her range as she plays the role of both Toga and Tsuyu. And let me say, her impressions of both characters are spot on. And let me not forget the boys. You have me, Kinky as Shigaraki, and my boi Snooze as Twice.

Toga and Tsuys voiced by Mintea

Shigaraki voiced by ImJustThatKinky

Twice voiced by WakeUpSnooze

How was Mintea impression of both Toga and Tsuyu? Did you enjoy hearing Shigaraki and Twice? Who’s best girl, Tsuyu or Toga? Tell us in the comments below.