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Audio Doujins: A Night With Kawakami
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 7 comments

The audio doujin month for Persona 5 Royal audio doujins is a go! Sadly, no doujins of Kasumi have been released since her reveal, but at least we have the best girl Kawakami instead. You can tell that artist Spooki knows exactly who the best girl is with this Kawakami focus comic. Dorn did a great job as Kawakami, and Aero did great with delivering one of Morgana’s famous lines.

A NIght With Kawakami

Comic by SpookiArts

Kawakami voiced by Dorn

Morgana voiced by Aero Buddy

Have you heard of Spooki before? What did you think of Dorn's performance? Is Kawakami best Persona 5 waifu? Tell us in the comments.