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Are We Becoming Too PC?
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 43 comments

When it comes to me talking to friends, I pretty much have no filter. I say whatever I want to say, no matter how good or bad it’s seen in the public view. But everyone has their do's and their don’ts. I even have words that people can say that would even make me cringe, even though I talk like a racist sailor sometimes. But the thing is, no matter how vulgar your language maybe, context is the thing that matters every time.

Me on the daily.


This was brought to my attention because of the many things going on around me. The main thing that brought this into question was how hard YouTube seems to be cracking down on some words. Sure, some words like the N-word and other racial slurs are expected to get you in some heat, but now there seems to be no cursing allowed or even some words like trans, rape, sex, and other things. When I hear this, I think to myself that it can’t be true and people are just overreacting. What's next, people going to get offended by the word gay?

If people are getting overly offended or triggered by the simplest of words, we’re going to turn into a bunch of boring and silent creatures. If people start believing that anything you say, no matter the context is bad, then we can say goodbye to all our insensitive comedy shows like South Park, Family Guy, and Futurama

We're going to need SOX to come in a fix this.

How offensive can you get around friends? Does context matter? Do you think people are getting overly sensitive? Tell us in the comment.