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Are Sex Scenes in Visual Novels Too Long?
By ImJustThatKinky • 9 months ago • 12 comments

Now, no matter how long you can last in bed, that doesn’t matter today. I wanna talk about how long you last solo. If you visit this site, it’s a safe bet to say that you enjoy yourself some good as doujins and hentai in your alone time. I feel like doujins has a good balance when it comes to length. If you’re a quick shot, you might be good with reading two doujins to finish yourself off, or you might need five doujins on a good night. I feel like the sex in doujins pace themselves well usually. But when I tried my hands at watching a visual novel sex scene, it became a long drawn out journey.

Who’s ready for a 10 to 30 hour journey

Now I see this “problem” in a lot of visual novels, if you want to call it that. Just because I consider something a problem, doesn't mean that everyone else will. Visual novels are already long as it is, taking you hours to finally hit your first h scene. But that doesn’t mean that the scenes have to be long alwell. I tried watching a Taimanin Asagi sex scene recently, and I was blown away by how long that one scene lasted. 30 minutes! It’s crazy how this 30 minutes scene was toned down to 3 minutes in it’s hentai counterpart.

30 minutes

3 minutes

I don’t want to spend 30 minutes on one scene, I have a life you know. And it being just one scene, that means that there’s really no good stopping point but the end. I don’t want to finish at the 15 minute mark, right in the middle of everything and come back, that’d feel weird. No one has cummed yet, so why did I? And even if you think that the hentai toning it down to 3 minutes is too short, at least it has other scenes within it’s 20 minute time spain that you can use instead.

Do you enjoy long sex scenes in your visual novels? Would you rather a lot of short sex scenes, or few long sex scenes? What do you think of the scenes in Taimanin Asagi? Tell us in the comments below.