An Interview with Kamina1978
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Kasaix: Hello, Doujins fans! I’m here with another great artist I’ve been following for a while, the one and only Kamina1978! I’m grateful that he has agreed to field some questions with me. From full color to just sketches, the girls he draws are unique, but cute and sexy.

That said, thank you again for hanging out. How’s it going?

Kamina: Thank you very much for inviting me to your space. Uff very tired these summer months it is difficult to combine work with social life.

Kasaix: So tell me, how did you get started in art? Were you inspired to draw by a cartoon or comic, or did some school-time sketching lead to more professional work?

Kamina: drawing since I have memory. When I first saw Ulysses 31 as a child I decided that drawing would be my vocation forever. Later Ranma1/2 and Saint Seiya would arrive and I decided to do a fine arts career. Although with respect to my style I am self-taught.

Kasaix: What is your favorite subject to draw, as far as characters and the situations they find themselves in?

Kamina: I have always liked erotic art and I drew pin-ups since I was 13 years old, but always giving a touch of humor to the pieces, especially in the comics I make. I also really like situations where the protagonist is blackmailed to have sex, this gives a lot of play to create good stories.

Kasaix: You’ve done some great work with parody characters, even drawing Gargoyles from the classic cartoon. Do you draw your own original characters?

Kamina: Yes, I love creating fantastic characters and creatures, especially amorphous creatures like "the Thing" or video games like "Silent Hill". although I also enjoy immensely parodying classic characters of the arcades and anime of the 90's.

Kasaix: What would you say is your best picture or comic? Something you'd readily show off to people to show them your style.

Kamina: It's hard to decide on a painting, they all have something that I like: the expression of the face in one piece, the effect of lighting another ... but if I have to emphasize it was a painting of a character called "Paper-Girl in troubles "where the girl left the paper held by the artist's hand. This painting gave me the first professional impulse on the internet.

With a comic it is easier to choose some years ago I published a comic called "Game of Mask" I enjoyed working on every page.

Kasaix: How did it come about? What was your process when planning and drawing it?

Kamina: I do not usually plan much my paintings, normally I have clear what I want to draw. It's as if the painting was already done inside my head and I just copy on the canvas. This allows me to save a lot of time in the process of sketching the commissions.

Kasaix: Do you have a dream project in mind you definitely want to work on sometime in the future?

Kamina: There are a lot of projects that I would love to work on: a G-game, a game of trablero ... but in the short term I would like to work in a prequel to "Game of Mask" I even allow myself the luxury of dreaming that I work for Capcom one of my Favorite video games companies from the arcade era.

Kasaix: You made an incredible argument in the comments section of this image. Your argument was that, to appease certain minority groups who opposed sexualizing characters, game development companies have made women less and less feminine. Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn, you said, was hardly feminine at all. I agree with this, it wouldn’t take much effort to genderswap her, and nothing at all would change.

Game development companies, even large ones, have done this entirely too much, and all to appease people who might not even play video games. How many of these puritan idiots play Dead or Alive, or Bravely Default? I outright refuse to purchase censored games. I’ve never ran a Fire Emblem or Xenoblade game, and do not intend to. I don’t know what angle they’re playing at, but it’s harmful all around. It’s teaching girls that they should be ashamed of their own bodies. The new director of Dead or Alive 6 said they were toning the girls down to make them “realistic”. Less than a minute on google, and one could find a more busty girl than Kasumi herself. Same argument for Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, and what they did to Samus in the new Smash Bros. game looks medically concerning. Less than a minute on google, and the argument is quashed.

From a cost perspective, they’re taking whole missions and mechanics out, swiss-cheesing a game, and still selling it for full price. You bring that price down, and we’ll talk.

It gets worse though. Nintendo is known for censoring their own stuff when coming to the west. They’ll be pre-censoring stuff though. The version the west would be getting is what the whole world is getting.

I bought Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory before I realized that two of the digimon in there were altered to please people I can almost guarantee do not play Digimon. I regret the purchase, and haven’t run the game, despite loving the first title.

There’s a bit of light to this situation though: sparing few games are coming out with cute and sexy girls. Cyberpunk 2077 does not skimp on the smut, and Bayonetta is still rocking her famous look, and on a Nintendo system no less.

I’d love to see your full take on this and to expand on your thoughts from the comments from the Ashley Graham gift image.

Kamina: It was something I had inside and had the need to say. I know the video game industry since the era of the NES, Atari and Spectrum Sinclair and these were products that few people played. With a wide variety of content (I still remember the cover of Luis Royo for the video game "Game Over").

In recent years with the popularization of video games, its content has been diluted to reach a greater number of consumers.

The problem is that all companies get on the benefits train and today there are few games that treat players as people. And not like wallets full of money.

Video Game companies that do not allow themselves to be influenced by the ethical trends of the moment are finally the ones that go down in history. "Whitcher", "The last of Us", "Dark Souls" are current video games that are always mentioned as referents or as masterpieces of the genre, and these are precisely because they do not treat players like children that you have to take by the hand.

It seems to me very good policy not to buy decaffeinated, censored or trimmed products. I do not like being treated like an idiot. I do not like that they give me the easy job as if I were a cripple and I do not like that they tell me what I have to like.

If we all did the same as you, the industry would take us back seriously.

Kasaix: Let’s wrap this up, shall we? Thank you again for taking the time to hang out, and to discuss a topic like censorship in gaming. It was very fascinating. Do you have any parting words for your fans?

Kamina: well ... thank you very much to Kasaix for this good time. And the readers of Doujins and especially to all who enjoy and support my work, they are the ones who have brought me here with their confidence in me.

Another huge thanks to Kamina1978 for hanging out. You can check out more of his work at the sites below.


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