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A Review of Quest Failed (Chapter One)
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago


(Ay bois its still me Imaginary doing slave reviews, I guess one wasn't enough)

You wanna know the worst part about finding a good piece of fap material? There’s a huge amount of stale, repetitive, some might say “vanilla” garbage. I mean, who really wants to see some dude fuck a hot girl for the sixth time this week? His dick pounds her pussy, they pop off, everyone cheers, tears are shed, and the credits roll. Big fuckin’ whoop. That’s why when I was asked out to check out a game about monster girls, I was ready to dive in. I knew there would be a high chance for something more interesting, more enticing than your typical  “ahh yeah… ahh yeah… iM gONNa CoMe dUUde!!” porn game. After all, Dr. Frankenstein famously asked “What better way to spice up sex than by fucking monsters?” and I try to live by that.

Quest Failed, as you may recall from a previous article, is a visual novel game developed by the crew over at Frostworks studio. The game released on Nutaku way back in October 2016 so I’m a little late to the party, but perhaps that’s for the better. New content keeps being added and they’re now working on developing the second chapter of the game. A quick look at their patreon page informed me that there’s a free demo if you’re interested in monster girls but aren’t sure it’s for you, and I always recommend trying free stuff to see if you like it. Otherwise, the full game is listed for $12 dollars.

Okay, enough backstory on this thing, who gives a fuck about any of this shit if the game sucks?


Art/Voice Acting

If you’ve seen any screenshots of the game, I don’t have to tell you how good that art is. The character portraits are clean af with pretty backgrounds to match, even during sex scenes. While I’m not exactly a monster girls connoisseur on the regular, I think they struct a nice balance between monstrous enough to get a theme established with each character, with enough human features to keep my second head paying attention. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the art direction, almost as much as your boy loves some sweet, sweet voice acting. I’ve mentioned this in past reviews, but adding voiced lines to these games brings a whole new sense and life to them. Here the full VA only surfaces during sex scenes (at least in Chapter One), but that’s all you need. It’s not like the average porn dialogue leading up to the scene is always game changing enough to warrant spending that much effort on.

 Bitch stop making fun of my speech impediment and let me focus on that art!


Plot wise, it’s about as typical porn shit as you can get. Matthew, a young adventurer, goes out to try and make a name for himself. However, get this, the monsters generally defeat and fuck him. If only it were that simple… Anyway, the effort shines through more so in the dialogue and descriptive writing. Each character speaks and acts in a unique manner, which is a huge deal for making them seem like individuals instead of cardboard cut-outs trying to pass as humans (see Love Witches for a prime example). Speaking of individualism, there’s some nice bits of comedy sprinkled in with Matthew’s lines that help you truck through the descriptions and natural progress of the game. I always appreciate a bit of humour in these stories as long as it doesn’t get shoved in your face the whole time (especially during my H-scenes, all these MC’s need to shut the fuck up and stay serious when it’s time to pop off ) and again Frostworks struck an appropriate balance.

Oh I have some determination, but it ain't for justice.


The Sex

Alright boys and girls settle down, I’ve been waiting to talk about this shit for a hot minute. This game hit the three checkmarks for a good scene. First, it didn’t take too long to get there. I’d say I was 15-20 minutes in, maybe less, before some monster girl had me pinned down and ready for action. The first scene is always important to get out early because once the player knows you’re not lying about having good sex scenes in your game, they’ll be more willing to sit through plot dumps or dialogue. Secondly, it was fairly lengthy. I took a huge risk not cumming when the MC did, because I was hoping the scene would continue. Well, ya boi lucked out because the slime girl continued fucking me two more times in a row, resulting in a scene that's definitely long to spend some ample time warming up as well as popping off. BUT, the most important aspect of the three... well, I already mentioned. Theme, ladies and gentleman, separates the okay scenes from the great ones. When you fuck the slime bitch, the descriptions and dialogue often revolve around that. There’s some interesting play on what sex with a slime girl would be like, and how its conceptualized (aka what kind of kinky shit she could do to you). Due to the emphasis on the theme, the dialogue never creeps toward the awful, generic zone. If you’ve sat through some boring sex, you know the type. And the best part? Later on when you fuck the mummy girl, that scene focuses on different aspects so it wasn't just a single lucky scene! These three elements came together to win my heart over, and I’m happy to say this is the first completely positive review for a sex section in a while.


Go home?? Are you blind you dumb cuck? This shit is awesome!!!


A slime girl restrained me while she sucked me dry, 4/5  

I highly recommend this game to anyone who has a kink for monster girls. The voice acting and concentration on different monsters’ themes make it stand out among the other thousands of visual novels in the market and on Nutaku. What a fucking breath of fresh air!

Have you spent much time in the monster girl scene? More of a half-horse girl fucker than a slime girl fucker? Let us know in the comments below!