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A Review of Crush Crush - 14 Waifus to Date!
By Kasaix • 2 years ago • 4 comments



Dating sims are by and large simple: go in, pick a date, and choose the best options to romance her. However, few games five you 14 girls to choose from, and fewer are as fun as Crush Crush. A fun little free-to-play flash game from our friends at Nutaku, Crush Crush, name notwithstanding, easy to pick up and progress in. in fact, you earn things in-game even when not playing. Set it to do something, walk off, and you still make progress. For newbies to the dating sim genre, this is where you want to start. Everything is a click away, and there's a guide to help you decide what to click.




The brilliant minds at Sad Panda have made a truly accessible dating sim for players to enjoy. For up to seven days, you can leave the game be, and valuable resources will continue to build for you. That sounds easy, right? Well, did I mention that there's 14 girls to choose from? Yeah, they all have unique tastes in parters, and to romance them, you have to tick their boxes. Players control a genderless white figure as an in-game avatar, which should help players better inhabit this character as they go around romancing over a dozen lucky ladies. It's a large task, but a good one. They don't like to be ignored, and earning their love is not easy. You never want to see 'Atone' on a girl's profile, that's worse than the dog house.



In the process of building up resources, players will need to grind for necessary traits that would unlock for jobs or hobbies they could do. Nothing is handed to the player, you get what you earn. Proper management is needed for this game. It allows you to buy gifts, like clothes for your girls to wear, and in a bout of meta, you can even buy them healthcare coverage! You need to work for those lewd and ecchi CGs that are available in a photo album. 


There is a lot of work to be done to earn the girls' affection. One may want a cool guy, and the other might want a manly man. You have to meet both expectations. Grind certain stats and don different outfits. It's a lot of work, but so it romancing 14 girls. Is it worth it? It's 14 girls. Are your eyes bigger than your....stomach? A nifty little trick to help things along called the "Prestige Boost". For the cost of resetting your progress, you have a chance to boost the rate at which you earn valuable resources. You lose your progress with the girls, but it might be faster to romance them the next time around. 


Nutaku and Sad Panda delivers another great adult animated game worth playing. Will you try to romance over a dozen girls? Let us know in the comments below.


Nutaku asked us to look at Crush Crush, and here's our opinion.