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A Review of Attack on Moe H
By Kasaix • 2 years ago


Nutaku asked us to take a look at this game, and here are our thoughts. People of Doujins, feast your eyes and mouse icons on this game, aptly titled Attack on Moe H. Boasting over 2,000 levels, armies of cute waifus, called "Moetans", that players fight and befriend, with the option to take that friendship to its natural, lewd, conclusion. Using hearts to strip the moe enemies in an endless click fest of combat, let's take a look at Attack on Moe H.



Let's take a look at the gameplay mechanics, starting with combat. Unlike other RPGs, the enemies don't attack the player, but the characters on the field. There's a set number of rounds that enemies must be defeated in. That, and all of the characters on the player's side being defeated results in a game over. Defeated characters can be revived in a couple of ways: real-world time waiting, or gems. This is an endless clicker, so just click to fight. It's a simple system, players will get the hang of it after a few minutes. 

Don't simply pick some girls and go to war, players need to plan carefully. Upgrade the moe girls properly and plan accordingly. As stated, they can die, and it requires a couple of hours or some gems to revive them. Each girl is unique, with a few special attacks to use in combat. They can also be seen naked, which is one of the main draws of this adult clicker game


Characters can be upgraded using things such as gold as they level up. Gold is one of the few currencies in Attack on Moe H. Gold, crystals, tickets, gems, and hearts can be picked up during combat, in things like chests you need to click on to gather. Gems are used to buy hearts, items, and revive fallen allies. Hearts are the key feature here, they're used to strip the moe girls.

Every cute waifu in this game can be stripped, you just have to capture them first. They come in a variety of types, so if there's a particular girl players are after, odds are, she's here. From cat girls to insect girls, all of the fetishes are present and accounted for. It's a moe game, so it's doubtful that latex-wearing dom girls are here though, so players should keep their expectations at least somewhat in check.



Let's take a look at the story. Yes, there's a story, and it's interesting. Without spoiling too much, here's the preview Nutaku gives us:

"The arrival of giant, titan-like girls (known as "Moetan") has wreaked havoc on the defenseless Pixel Kingdom. The portal to the 5th dimension remains open and it's up to our fearless hero and his ultimate clicker power to take them down!

Team up with fierce allies, capture the rampant Moetans and have a bit of fun with them along the way!"













Will you be answering the call to moe action? Let us know in the comments below.