Remembering Shiro Kotobuki, Character Designer of Rumble Roses
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 1 comments

Shiro Kotobuki, the artist-name of Hiroshi Kobayashi, was a well-known and beloved artist, who tirelessly worked on the Rumble Roses series of games, making art for the games Rumble Roses and Rumble Roses XX. In his twenties, he was in a traffic accident that left him paralyzed from the waist-down, however he continued making beautiful artwork well into 2016, when he passed away. He was 47 years old at the time of his passing.


As part of his rehabilitation after the traffic accident, he drew art using a drawing program and tool that enabled him to draw with a digital art brush with his mouth. That is nothing short of awe-inspiring and inspirational. Watch the video below to see his process.









To honor him and his work, we present some of his artworks. You can find even more of his amazing art on his home page HERE or on his Facebook page.








































We here at Doujins continue to mourn his loss and hope he rests in peace and wish his family well.