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14 Doujins with Great Plots
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 10 comments

Actual plots, as in, stories that are so good, if you took out the porn, they would make great manga series. There are actually quite a lot of these doujins, and whittling it down as much as I could to make it little more than TL;DR left me with 14 that I could show off. These are the sort of doujins you could enjoy as more than a fap session. The stories are good, the characters are interesting, and their adventures would fit in any normal manga if you took out the porn. Heck, many popular mangaka got their start in hentai. That said, enjoy the list and tell us if there are any titles you would have added in the comments below.

1. Marriage life with Demons by Utamaro

2. Slut Girl Collection by Isutoshi

3. Witchcraft by Yamatogawa

4. An Elder Sister by Pochi.

Note: This one does actually have a normal manga version.

5. Petit Roid 3 Volume 1 by Kouda Tomohiro

6. Ne.To.Ge Version Beta (Lovers In Cyberworld) by Tamaki Nozomu

Note: The last two chapters are unrelated to the main story.

7. Together With Poko by D.P 

8. Secret Journey by Po-ju

9. Harem Frontier by Takizawa Naia

10. Dear My Ushichichi by Manabe Jouji 

11. Lingua Franca!! by Akatsuki Myuuto

12. Shocking Pink! by Yasui Riosuke

13. Ring x Mama Vol. 1 by Manabe Jouji 

14. Honey Blonde by Kensoh Ogawa